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  • 12:30Exhibition space opens
  • 15:00Opening talk by Dimitrina Sevova
  • 15:15Presentation of the project «You can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon» by Anna Frei, Anne Käthi Wehrli and Lucie Kolb
  • 15:30«you can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon» NR.1: IMAGINARY ARCHIVE #1, live streaming by wire less choir
  • 17:00Continuation of the program of the day at Perla Mode, with exhibition, screenings, bar and party


  • 12:30Exhibition space opens
  • Evening program after the parade:
  • 17:30«you can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon» NR.4: IMAGINARY ARCHIVE #2, live streaming by Anna Frei, Anne Käthi Wehrli, Lucie Kolb
  • 18:00«The Lesbian Museum», presentation by Barbara Hammer (US)
  • short break
  • 19:00«History Lessons» by Barbara Hammer (2000, 70 min)
  • 20:15«The Female Closet» by Barbara Hammer (1998, 60 min)
  • 21:30«The Secret Files of Gilbert & George»
    by Hans-Ulrich Obrist (CH/UK) (2007, 35 min)
  • 22:10«Such Candor» by Marc Siegel (US/D) (1998, 9 min)
  • 22:20«Fucking Others» by Tim Blue (US/D) (4:31 min)
  • 22:25«Body Double» Panorama by Brice Dellsperger (F):
  • special selection for Queerscapes (together 51:07 min)
  • _Body Double 3 (1995, 1:50 min): «Body Double» (Brian de Palma)
  • _Body Double 13 (2001, 2:18 min): «Saturday Night Fever» (John Badham)
  • _Body Double 14 (1999, 4:20 min): «My Own Private Idaho» (Gus Van Sant)
  • _Body Double 15 (2001, 8:37 min): «Dressed to Kill» (Brian de Palma)
  • _Body Double 16 (2003, 6:11 min): «A Clockwork Orange» (Stanley Kubrick) / «Women in Love» (Ken Russell)
  • _Body Double 17 (2001, 16:28 min): «Fire Walk With Me» (David Lynch)
  • _Body Double 19/20 (2004, 6:30 min): «Flash Gordon» (Mike Hodges)
  • _Body Double 23 (2007, 4:53 min): «The Black Dahlia» (Brian de Palma)


  • 12:30Exhibition space opens
  • Evening program:
  • 17:00«N.O.Body» by Renate Lorenz & Pauline Boudry (D/CH) (2008, 15 min) with an introduction and contextualization of the film
  • 17:30«Summer of 95» by Hans Scheirl (AT) (1995, 10 min)
  • 17:40«erde vol. 1 (7 Episoden)» (earth) by Sabina Baumann (CH) (2007, 7:16 min)
  • short break
  • 18:00«Transformer», performance in three parts by Stella Glitter (CH)
  • short break
  • 19:15«dedicated to shifting images i love bildwechsel», presentation by Chris Regn (D/CH) & Eva Kietzmann (D)
  • 19:40«Ordinary People explained : why taking ordinary pictures of transpeople?», presentation by Lorenzö (F)
  • Why I started this project, why I choose regular transpeople and not fancy sexy transdolls, how do I meet people, what are the pictures going to become.
  • 20:15«You can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon», Nr.6: Archiv für Zeitgeschichte, by Anna Frei, Anne Käthi Wehrli, Lucie Kolb (CH ), live streaming: «Mein Gedächtnis beobachtet mich», film by Eran Schaerf and Eva Meyer
  • short break
  • 21:30Lady Flo (F) performance
  • Hommage to Surrealism and Man Ray, Lady Flo embodies Le Violon d'Ingres masterpiece coming alive in a singer and fire dancer. The performance reveals the body instrument's power including a fascinating feminity.
  • Short break
  • 22:30Special selection of musical art films for Queerspace
  • Renate Lorenz & Pauline Boudry (D/CH)
  • _«Sometimes you fight for the world, sometimes you fight for yourself» (2005, 5 min)
  • Discoteca Flaming Star (D/ES) & François Boué (F)
  • _«Lili Marlin» (2004-2005, 3:30 min) A mechanical dance, talking people and nudity for peace, with a soundtrack by DFS singing Lili Marleen in its Arabic translation.
  • _«Aladlona (I love you green) 2» (2006, 9 min). Filmed at The Kitchen, NYC «Jutta Koether & Discoteca Flaming Star» March 23, 2006
  • Stephan Brülhart (CH)
  • _«Stabat Mater» (2004, 5:03 min)
  • _«Du bist die Ruh» (2004, 6:12 min)
  • _«Harzreise im Winter» (2007, 21 min)
  • «Funkytown» (2006, 4:15 min) by Brice Dellsperger (F)
  • Hans Scheirl & Ursula Pürrer (AT)
  • _«Slocking Walkman» (1986, 2:18 min)
  • _«Ein Schlauchboot und Austern» (1985, 4:38 min)
  • _« Frösche ficken flink» (1994-96, 17:05 min)


Langstrasse 84 / Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zurich,
Opening times: Friday, June 5, 14.00-00.00, Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7, 14.00-18.00

Participants: Grrrl Zine collection by Grrrl Zine Network (Elke Zobl and Haydeé Jiménez), I LOVE 69 POPGEJU (CZ), Jana Štepánová (CZ), Judith Schönenberger (CH), Lorenzö (F/I), Nobody, Sabina Baumann (CH), Sarah Jäger (CH), Sands Murray-Wassink (NL/US), The Centre of Attention (UK), Tim Blue (US/D)

Table library of important queer books, from art books to theoretical and historical texts, laid out on a table and available for interaction, reading and inspiration throughout the three days of the exhibition.

Perla Mode



In «you can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon» queerness is asserted, placed and tested in selected archives. Fictions are slipped in and references made. Thus, for instance, the archive serves as a setting to renewing public testimonial, a temporary rewriting of history. The documentary, which has long been perceived as the image of the world, here becomes the world as image. From the 5th to the 7th of June, guided tours, public readings, performances will intervene in existing archives that bear no obvious relation to queerness. In their interplay, the archive and the works performed therein influence each other, bringing to light other connections by following and rewriting on-going narratives.

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special thanks to: Judith Welter & migros museum für gegenwartskunst, Philipp Hofstetter & Archiv für Zeitgeschichte, Rolf Dewald, DESO Radiomuseum, Dieter Studer & Phonogrammarchiv, Dimitrina Sevova, all the artists: Simone Schardt, Martin Büsser, Salome Golliez, Stella Glitter, Michaela Melian, wire less choir, Rae Spoon, Terre Thaemlitz, Eran Schaerf, Eva Meyer, Marthe van Dessel, Kaspar Surber, Kamerateam: Riikka Tauriainen, Urslé von Mathilde, Sarah Jäger, Florian Bachmann, Maria Sigrist, Foto: Lena Reiser, Research: Sara Bernasconi, Philipp Messner, Web: Felix Eggmann