Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zurich,
Opening: Friday, June 5, 15:00,
Opening times: Friday, June 5, 12.30-17:00,
Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7, 12.30-00:00

Participants: Anna Frei & Anne Käthi Wehrli & Lucie Kolb (CH), Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens (US), Aurora Reinhard (FI), Barbara Hammer (US), Beni Bischof (CH), Brice Dellsperger (F), Carmen Mörsch (CH/D), Chris Regn (CH/D) & Eva Kietzmann (D) & Karin Kröll (D), code flow (CH), Discoteca Flaming Star (D/ES) & François Boué (F), Gisèle Schindler (CH), Grrrl Zine Network (Elke Zobl & Haydeé Jiménez), Hans Scheirl & Ursula Pürrer (AT), Hans-Ulrich Obrist (UK/CH), I LOVE 69 POPGEJU (CZ), Jakob Lena Knebl (AT), Jana Štepànovà (CZ), Judith Schönenberger (CH), Karin Michalski (D), Katja Schenker (CH), Lady Flo (F), Lenka Klodovà (CZ), Line Karlstrøm (S/DK), Lorenzö (F), Marc Siegel (D/US), Mosh Mosh (D/CH), Nobody, Rayelle Niemann (CH), Renate Lorenz & Pauline Boudry (D/CH), Sabina Baumann (CH), Sands Murray-Wassink (NL/US), Sarah Jäger (CH), Stella Glitter (CH), Stephan Brülhart (CH), The Centre of Attention (UK), Tim Blue (D/US)

and other archive material…

Idea and co-ordination: Dimitrina Sevova, with the active support and inspiration of Anna Frei, Anne Käthi Wehrli and Lucie Kolb and the entire Offpride – the alternative queer festival organizing working group and queer scene

Web: Anna Frei, Lucie Kolb

thanks for your support: Esther Eppstein (message salon downtown at Perla Mode), Shedhalle, F+F, freymond-guth & co fine ARTS, all the participants

Perla Mode


Langstrasse 84 / Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zurich,
Opening times: Friday, June 5, 14.00-00.00, Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7, 14.00-18.00

Participants: Grrrl Zine collection by Grrrl Zine Network (Elke Zobl and Haydeé Jiménez), I LOVE 69 POPGEJU (CZ), Jana Štepánová (CZ), Judith Schönenberger (CH), Lorenzö (F/I), Nobody, Sabina Baumann (CH), Sarah Jäger (CH), Sands Murray-Wassink (NL/US), The Centre of Attention (UK), Tim Blue (US/D)

Table library of important queer books, from art books to theoretical and historical texts, laid out on a table and available for interaction, reading and inspiration throughout the three days of the exhibition.

Perla Mode


Live–Streaming: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 17:30, Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, CH– 8001 Zurich

In the «Imaginary Archive #2» references are sampled theatrically, «stop databases, scan memory spaces»* With Terre's Confession and Rae Spoon we are working on a temporary materialization of an archive reflection, with mirrors, rituals and group photos, in form of a live streaming.

* «stop databases, scan memory spaces» is Marthe van Dessel‘s contribution to the «Imaginary Archive #2», her interest is to develop a narrativ with specific material instead of accumulating material into databases, which are mostly categorical and queerness in them is therefore impossible.
Marthe van Dessel
is a visual artist and co–founder of the temporary, non–exclusive constellation bolwerk, exploring within different curatorical projects, questions of intersectionality, networks and frameworks of collaboration.
Terre Thaemlitz
is an multi–media producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio remixer, DJ and owner of the Comatonse Recordings record label. Her work critically combines themes of identity politics – including gender, sexuality, class, linguistics, ethnicity and race – with an ongoing critique of the socio–economics of commercial media production. This diversity of subjects corresponds to Thaemlitz's wide–ranging production palette, containing electro–accustic computer music, cluboriented Deep House, Digital Jazz, Ambient and computer composed neo–expressionist Piano–Soli. His writings on music and culture have been published internationally in a number of books, academic journals and magazines. As a speaker and educator on issues of non–essentialist Transgenderism and Queerness, Thaemlitz has participated in panel discussions throughout Europe and Japan.
Rae Spoon
is born in Canada in the eighties. Transgender defined New Folk/ Country musician. Has published 4 albums and with his guitar he has toured through Australia, the USA and Europe.